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Running 26.2 miles (and getting muddy) for VfL

Posted by Guest on 27/11/17 in VfL News and Events

Roving Chef, Maggie Lister, describes her next mammoth challenge to raise funds for V for Life...

Last year I decided to take up running as a hobby and to keep fit after many friends spoke about the benefits of throwing on a pair of trainers to get out of the house.

I’ve never been athletic, often refusing to run for a bus, and would attempt to cry off from PE lessons in school (there were only so many times you can forget your kit!)

To keep myself going I signed up to the Manchester half marathon in May, much to my friends' and family's surprise! After months of training I completed it in 2 hours 10 minutes, which was a massive shock seeing as my goal was simply to get round without collapsing.

For my next challenge I decided to run a full marathon for VfL; that’s 26.2 miles around the streets of London only using my legs. Due to a few factors I had to take a bit of time out from training, but I began again last week. Each week I’ll be out and about doing 4–5 runs, aiming for larger runs of 10+ miles at the weekend. A half marathon was just about manageable, so a full one is very daunting and quite nerve-wracking.

I’ve been told by many that running is bad for the knees, it takes up too much personal time, or it isn’t healthy for the heart. Aside from these comments I’ve found running has provided me with many positive aspects in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I do have bad days and certainly I don’t spring out of bed every morning, jump into my running clothes and run out the door. Because the weather isn’t so nice it can be struggle, especially when I know I’ve got a BIG weekend run ahead of me. I find that running not only keeps me that little bit healthier, but I sleep better, think more clearly, have more energy and find it relaxing in a meditative kind of way. Five or ten-mile runs can be really enjoyable but after that I do seem to struggle. But with the help of friends and keeping on top of training I’m hoping my little legs will get me round without too much hassle.

All the money raised will go straight back to V for Life, helping us to improve the lives of older vegetarians and vegans across the UK in so many ways. If you would like to sponsor me, you can do by using the following link, or by sending a cheque to our address shown below:

Vegetarian for Life
83 Ducie Street
Greater Manchester
M1 2JQ

Are you a runner, or did you do this as a hobby in the past? Have you run any marathons or taken up running to keep fit? We’d love to hear your comments!

Ollie's getting muddy for V for Life

Roving Chef, Ollie Bragg, has been inspired to show some solidarity for colleague Maggie. On 1 September, he'll be taking on The Nuts Challenge – climbing and crawling his way through mud, a water assault course, and many challenging obstacles. Says Ollie: "If it can raise awareness for V for Life then that's great!"

You can show your support by donating to Ollie's TotalGiving page: – or by sending in a cheque as above.

Many thanks for your kind support, from all of us at V for Life.


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