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Get Jubilee ready with our top tips

Posted by Justina on 24/05/22 in Recipes

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is soon approaching so here are some fantastic activities and vegan-friendly recipes for you to share with your residents.

Why not try decorating biscuits or cupcakes with your residents? Here’s an easy biscuit recipe for you to try.

Perhaps you will be hosting an afternoon tea party. If you have enough space for residents you could get them involved in making scones or preparing the sandwiches. Or it could be as simple as arranging their own afternoon tea by selecting cakes and sandwiches they’d like to try. Get inspiration from our Vegan Baking Guide and our sandwich platter.

Organise a reminiscence teatime where everyone talks about their favourite childhood meals and memories associated with them. Maybe even try recreating some of these recipes too.

On the day or in advance you can prepare handmade decorations such as bunting and get the residents involved in decorating the common areas. Maybe try making some foodie decorations too, such as creating a Union Jack fruit platter or a fruit crown.

On a sunny day hosting a picnic or even a BBQ would make this day memorable for all. Try chequered tablecloths on the tables and food served from a picnic basket. You could always have a gazebo, or serve the picnic inside if the great British weather isn’t on your side! Try cutting cakes into small bite size pieces and making mini scones. If you decide on a BBQ, there are plenty of veggie/vegan friendly recipes too. Don’t forget to keep a separate grill for non–meat items or cook these first:

Black Bean Burger

Tofu Kebabs

Stuffed Mushrooms

And here are some perfect finger foods for your picnic:

Hazelnut Truffles

Coronation 'Chicken' Pies

Walnut Pâté

Bakewell Tart


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