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Posted by Jasmine on 18/05/18 in Articles, Life After Retirement, VfL News and Events

V for Life awards grants, and we are keen to give them to those in need. We’ve produced a short film about our charity’s work, which includes specific examples of grants that we’ve awarded in the past. Is there some way that we could help you out? 

Grants for Community Organisations

CASE STUDY #1 Manav Seva Community Services

Manav Seva is a not-for-profit organisation providing a vegetarian meals-on-wheels service to the older community in Leicester. The people that they support can’t leave their homes because of disabilities or mental health issues, and Manav Seva takes them between one and five large hot meals each week.

Follow this link and click to 20:03 to watch Manav Seva talk!

Manav Seva filled in an application form for our Vegetarian Fund. We were happy to award them a first instalment of funds recently, helping the service grow so that more older vegans and vegetarians in Leicester can be reached.

Are you part of a community group that needs funding to expand a project? Does the project in some way support older vegans and vegetarians? Can you think of a way that the project could develop, so that it specifically addresses issues related to the older vegan and vegetarian community?

If so, fill in a form for either our Vegan Fund or Vegetarian Fund and send it to us today. You can be brief to begin with – if we like the idea, we’ll expand on it as we work together.

Grants for Individuals

CASE STUDY #2 John 'Maz' Marriott

Maz is a long-standing animal rights activist, with many stories to tell. Maz was diagnosed with M.E. in 2009, and, when his mobility scooter broke down last year he applied for a personal grant to get a new one.

The individual grant is means-tested, and can be anything to support independent living. Examples have been a stairlift, roof repair, the fees for temporary respite care, and more. This grant is designed to support independent-living, providing relief and peace of mind for older vegans and veggies, and their loved ones.

Send us an application now – you’ve nothing to lose, and potentially lots to gain.

Follow this link and skip to 18:35 to watch Maz talk!


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