Veggie and vegan options in modern care homes?

Posted by Katie on 16/08/18 in Articles, VfL News and Events

Carers and chefs at a residential home in the Midlands have proved their dedication to offering vegan and vegetarian food for residents and have been awarded a prize for their efforts. 

Staff at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield, a premium member of Vegetarian for Life’s UK List, offer a wide variety of dishes including leek and potato bake, cranberry and brie tart, and spinach and ricotta cannelloni for residents.

Proudly sharing their Vegetarian for Life sticker in their window they show the outside world that staff will cater for vegetarians and vegans.

As a thank you, roving chef, Maggie Lister from Vegetarian for Life, visited the care home with a hamper full of plant-based goodies to be used in future dishes.

Vegetarian for Life presents Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield with a luxury hamper of vegan goodies

Vegetarian Ann Kenny, who is a sous chef at the care home said it was really important to be able to offer varied options for residents, especially those residents who are vegetarian or vegan. 

She said: “We have a set menu on a 5-week plan, which includes dishes like couscous stuffed peppers, cranberry and brie tarts. We also do cheese and potato pie and vegetable lasagne.

“We try not to repeat it over the 5 weeks.

“We do have a couple of residents here who are vegetarian. One gentleman won’t eat meat substitutes so he wouldn’t eat Quorn or soya for example. So he likes a good proper healthy vegetarian meal, for example the stir-fry we had earlier today.

“It’s important because it’s variety isn’t it, it’s options. People might want to try something new, people who eat meat might want to try something new. It’s options isn’t it, a healthy option.”

Home admissions advisor, Jody Sedgwick, said she was thrilled to receive the hamper of goodies.

She said: “It’s important for families to know that we have an awareness around vegan and vegetarian foods. We are conscious of that and we do provide lots of options and choice for residents, which is really important to us.

“The dining experience is such an important part of life and we are proud to offer the healthy choices that we do.”

Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield is one of the 7% of care homes in the UK that have signed up to the Vegetarian for Life UK List of veggie-friendly care homes.

Amanda Woodvine, Chief Executive of Vegetarian for Life, said: “The vegan and vegetarian options that chefs are creating at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield look incredible. We are impressed by the commitment that staff have made to support residents wanting plant-based options. Gracewell are Premium Accredited members of the Vegetarian for Life’s UK List and display our window stickers in their care homes. This shows their dedication to catering well and ethically for vegans and vegetarians, which is fantastic. We hope that you and your residents enjoy the hamper of goodies and we look forward to seeing even more inventive dishes using the ingredients.”

Window sticker proudly on display at Gracewell of Sutton Coldfield


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