Christmas for one

Posted by Justina on 26/11/20 in Articles, Recipes

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It’s been a funny year, and perhaps you’re unable to spend Christmas with family or friends this year? Or perhaps that is your norm?

If you do find yourself alone this Christmas, you can still make it an enjoyable day and have all the usual treats and Christmas trimmings. No need to be eating beans on toast for your Christmas meal, unless you want to, of course!

There are plenty of ready-made options available for Christmas mains, starters, accompaniments, and puddings. If you prefer to cook yourself, here are our fave festive options, perfect for one or two people. Quick and easy, but still impressive.


Quick Walnut Pâté

Carrot, Ginger & Orange Soup


Easy Nut Roast

Serves 4, so you could freeze the extra or reduce the ingredients and make less.

Savoury Roast

Serves 2

Christmas Trimmings

Just because you’re cooking for one, there’s no reason why you should miss out on all the accompaniments of the main meal. You could make it in smaller amounts, or use some ready-made options.

Pigs in blankets – there are lots of ready-made vegan options available from the supermarkets. Extras can be frozen, or cooked and enjoyed the next day.

Roast potatoes – you can buy individual potatoes and just cook enough roast potatoes for yourself, or cook extra and heat up the next day or add to another dish.

Stuffing – most small stuffing packets make 12 stuffing balls. You could use the whole packet and freeze extras, or just use a smaller amount, reduce the liquid for the amount used and keep the unused stuffing mix, sealed well, until next use.

Veggies – again roast or boil in small amounts. Frozen veg can work well or buy small, ready prepped bags of veg that can be cooked in the microwave. Saves on the washing up and no peeling! Or if you cook more veg than you need, make a curry or veggie gratin the next day with the leftovers.


Puff Pastry Tartlets

A tasty treat, perfect for one. Uses frozen fruit and the extra pastry can be frozen or used to make some tasty mince pies.

Healthy Chocolate Mousse

Top Tips

  • Treat yourself; perhaps try some food you wouldn’t normally have.
  • If you cook in large amounts, freeze the extras or share with your neighbours.
  • If you can’t be with your family and friends this year in person, why not connect virtually? Chat over Whatsapp, Zoom, Skype or simply a phone call. You could even arrange a virtual quiz, play party games such as charades, or watch the grandkids open their pressies virtually.
  • Watch your favourite Christmas show or film with a hot, mulled beverage and a tasty mince pie.
  • Enjoy a nice walk outside.
  • Make your own traditions this year. Enjoy the fact you don’t need to keep to the routines and traditions of others. Eat dinner at whatever time you like, eat at the table or sit on the sofa, enjoy the food you like: Brussel sprouts or no Brussel sprouts, your choice!
  • Put some carols or Christmas music on in the background while cooking
  • Add some festive cheer to your home; make a wreath, decorate, make some crafted gifts or ornaments.
  • If you’d like some extra connection this year why not join our pen and phone-pal scheme and make some new friends after the festive season. We also have a Festive lunch club on 22 December via Zoom.
  • Enjoy the day and make it special.


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