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“Bring back powdered meat substitutes”, says vegan of three decades

Leslie Austin, 59, has been vegan for 28 years. He got in touch with V for Life on National Older Veg*ns Day to highlight how his old favourite meat substitute powders have been removed from shop shelves. Chicken Style Bake © Leslie Austin These powdered meat substitutes were mixed with wa...


Posted by Jasmine on 10/10/18 in Articles

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Can we mix it? Yes vegan!

If you’ve never heard of aquafaba then you’re about to get a masterclass in tonight’s Great British Bake Off’s vegan week. The proof is in the pudding that vegan cakes are delicious – as the dairy has been ditched and eggs replaced with plant-based alternatives. We ha...


Posted by Katie on 09/10/18 in Articles and Recipes

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