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Join and get the best out of VfL membership!

This blog is two-fold. One, to encourage you as a care establishment to join our UK List, and secondly, if you are a member already, to get the best from it. For those unfamiliar, Vegetarian for Life (VfL) has a directory of nearly 1,500 care homes across the UK that have signed up for best pr...


Posted by Alex on 22/02/22 in VfL News and Events

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Meat the alternatives

With the increase in veganism there are more and more vegan meat alternatives on the market. They’re often referred to by various names: mock meats, fake meats, faux meats, meat analogues and plant proteins. They are foods that mimic the qualities of animal meat products in appearance, t...


Posted by Ollie on 08/02/22 in Recipes

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VfL calls for further amendments to the Health and Care Bill

The House of Lords is currently reviewing the Health and Care Bill, which includes changes to how hospital food and drink is regulated. In particular, the Bill may introduce requirements for the standards of food and drink in hospitals. Lord Hunt has tabled an amendment to this Bill, calling for ma...


Posted by Guest on 07/02/22 in VfL News and Events

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