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Nominations for VfL’s prestigious Awards for Excellence in Veg*n Care Catering are now open!

We're on the lookout for 2024's rising stars in vegan and vegetarian care catering. At VfL, we think that care caterers who make a special effort to create delicious and nutritious vegan and vegetarian meals deserve special recognition. This year marks the eighth VfL Awards for Exce...


Posted by Amanda on 29/05/24 in Cooking on a Budget and VfL News and Events

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5. Reassurance for residents #DementiaActionWeek

This week, we delved into the stories of Serena and Oscar, two ethical vegans navigating dementia in care. Serena, a former Vice President of The Vegan Society, was eventually able to resume her vegan lifestyle, while Oscar faced a controversial decision by the Swedish Ethics Committee to introduce ...


Posted by Amanda on 16/05/24 in Articles and Life After Retirement

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4. Exploring ethical dilemmas in dementia #DementiaActionWeek

For Dementia Action Week we bring you a series of special articles concerning the treatment of older vegans and vegetarians living with dementia. Today, we hear again from Drs. Lavazza and Reichlin, and their study of a case in which the Swedish Ethics Committee opted to serve meat to...


Posted by Tom on 16/05/24 in Articles and Life After Retirement

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