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Getting cheesy in Brighton

On 23–24 March, VfL headed to Brighton to exhibit at VegfestUK, an annual event celebrating veganism at a few different locations throughout the UK. 2019 took Brighton into its 11th year of VegfestUK, showcasing around 230 stalls with an array of vegan products from food, to clothing, to art. ...


Posted by Kieran on 03/04/19 in VfL News and Events

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The A to Z of dysphagia

As part of our Dysphagia Awareness Week we have spoken with Preston Walker who is an expert in preparing dysphagic foods and is an award-winning chef with 25 years’ experience. Preston has dedicated his career to improving the standard of cooking across the care catering sector with experti...


Posted by Katie on 03/04/19 in Nutritional Advice and Questions Answered

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International Carrot Day 2019

By VfL Roving Chef, Ollie Bragg I think that carrots are awesome! Rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, carrots also contain plenty of antioxidants, which may be linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Their high vitamin A content may help your body's natural defence against...


Posted by Ollie on 01/04/19 in Recipes

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