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Nutrition advice

It may seem daunting when excluding meat, fish and dairy from your catering, but there’s no need to panic. It’s not only possible, but easy to meet the nutritional needs of your older vegan and vegetarian residents. There are now an estimated 7,000 vegans and vegetarians in residential ...


Posted by Ollie on 16/02/21 in Nutritional Advice

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Celebrate Pancake Day in style with these vegan pancakes

 By Asa Narinder Easy, minimal, and honestly, you probably have everything that you need to make them in your cupboard right now.  Enjoy! Makes 4 small pancakes Ingredients 1 cup flour  ½ tsp sugar  ¼ tsp salt  2 tsp baking powder  2 tbsp...


Posted by Guest on 16/02/21 in Recipes

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Pancake Day, Eastern European Style

Pancake Day, known as Shrove Tuesday or Užgavėnės [ush-go-ve-ness] in Lithuanian, directly translated means ‘the time before Lent’. It is celebrated the night before Ash Wednesday: similarly, to Mardi Gras in French, meaning ‘Fat Tuesday’. Being the last d...


Posted by Justina on 09/02/21 in Articles and Recipes

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