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Nutrition & Hydration Week: Catering well for older vegans and vegetarians

Eating well and making sure that you are hydrated is a matter of course for a healthy body. Having a focus week is a great opportunity to re-evaluate menus and food systems to make sure you meet all the needs of the people you cater and care for. As humans we all have the same basic dietary require...


Posted by Alex on 28/02/24 in Nutritional Advice

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Show love your way this Valentine’s Day

What about the most important love: the love you have for yourself? There is no better way to treat yourself than eating food that makes you smile and feel good. Perhaps it is a piece of chocolate cake or a juicy slice of fruit. Cook what you love to eat, a dish close to your heart on Val...


Posted by Justina on 07/02/24 in Recipes

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