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Coronation Street Party!

On Saturday 6 May, the Coronation of King Charles III takes place at Westminster Abbey in London. With an extra bank holiday on Monday 8 May, you can be sure that people across the UK, the Commonwealth and even all over the world will be celebrating King Charles III being crowned. W...


Posted by Claire on 25/04/23 in Recipes

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Looking to reduce the number of allergens in the food you serve? Swap for vegan options

Enjoying food is such an important part of the human experience. From big social functions to day-to-day living, good food is paramount. But what should you do when catering for people with food allergies, and what can you do if you don’t know ahead of time whether or not someone has a f...


Posted by Alex on 15/04/23 in Nutritional Advice and Recipes

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All hail asparagus

Spring is here! It’s that brief period in the British culinary calendar when asparagus pops up from the ground and onto lots of menus in restaurants, and across the grocery shelves. Asparagus has been cultivated for 2,500 years. We’ve heard that Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus was su...


Posted by Ollie on 13/04/23 in Recipes

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