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Launch of Special Dietary Network (UK)

On Tuesday, VfL hosted the inaugural meeting of a Special Dietary Network, held in Parliament. This showcased our forthcoming research into diet and identity, and we heard from a number of expert speakers on the challenges around having dietary needs respected in care settings. Anna Bo...


Posted by Guest on 24/05/23 in VfL News and Events

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Slam dunked

The fusion of tea and biscuits is a perfect one – like strawberries and cream or bubble and squeak. On 21 May we are able to celebrate both International Baking Day and International Tea Day. This means at V for Life we’ll be rustling up some delicious vegan biscuits and then brewing up ...


Posted by Ollie on 16/05/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement and Recipes

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Happy World ‘Mocktail’ Day

It might be strange to celebrate a day like this but let’s take it as an opportunity to hydrate. With especially warm days ahead of us, we might need to be a little more inventive if we’re caring for someone who’s less keen to drink water. You will learn some tips and tricks on how...


Posted by Justina on 12/05/23 in Recipes

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