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Life After Retirement? November 2013

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young. (Theodore Roosevelt) Because I’ve just retired, this got me thinking. I’m not ‘old’ yet, but what seeds have I sown in my earlier life to make a success of it? Good health has to be one of the mos...


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Save money when cooking

By making a few considered choices, you could shave over £150 off your electricity bills every year. Our new video shows how to make a few simple savings.  Meat and fish are usually the most expensive ingredients in a recipe. By eating vegetarian meals you will naturally cut down on your food...


Posted by Amanda on 30/10/13 in Cooking on a Budget

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September News

This month has been one of events. Amanda started off by attending Salford Royal Hospital’s Diet and Diversity event on 9 September, organised by the Hospital Trust’s Equality and Diversity Officer. A number of representative groups were invited to give presentations about their diets, including...


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