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New Year – eat well for less!

After the indulgence of the Christmas holiday, January is often the time to start new healthy habits including watching the food bill. With that in mind, a few simple steps can get you eating healthy, tasty food, and saving a few pounds into the bargain. Some brands are simply cheaper than others ...


Posted by Alex on 18/01/21 in Articles and Cooking on a Budget

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Getting creative with basic foods

We are certainly living in strange times. I visited the supermarket the other day and most of the fresh vegetables and fruit were gone! This will inevitably pass at some point but, in the meantime, we may need to get a little creative with a few basic ingredients. Time to look to the back of t...


Posted by Alex on 25/03/20 in Cooking on a Budget and Recipes

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Grow what you can at home

Growing some of the things that you cook with most often is an easy and enjoyable way of reducing your food bills. All that a plant really needs to grow is sunlight, water and something to grow in – such as a little peat-free compost. All of these can be achieved with a pot on the windowsill, w...


Posted by Amanda on 16/04/14 in Cooking on a Budget

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