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Upholding diversity and beliefs of people with disabilities in care settings

This International Day of People with Disabilities we focus on the importance of ensuring an inclusive and caring environment for everyone. Since 1992, this has been a day of reflection on how we all might understand disability better, and better support the rights and well-being of people with dis...


Posted by Guest on 02/12/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement

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Vintage magazine (issue 3) out now

It is with great pleasure that we bring you the latest issue of Vintage magazine. VfL’s fundamental aim is to support older veg*ns and their caregivers, and several pages here demonstrate the amazing work being done across the UK. We showcase our latest award winners, who are glowing examp...


Posted by Amanda on 30/11/23 in Articles and Life After Retirement and VfL News and Events

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Preheat your oven: National Cake Day 26 November

National Cake Day is coming up on 26 November and we’re already getting excited to celebrate. This National Cake Day, make, bake, eat and share the recipe for your favourite cake with your friends and family. It’s the perfect occasion to enjoy and devour a mouth-watering delight. Wheth...


Posted by Claire on 17/11/23 in Recipes

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