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Tips and advice about eating a nutritious vegetarian or vegan diet.

Top tips for healthy bones

Like it or not, our bones get thinner, weaker, and more brittle as we age. The process starts between the ages of 40 and 50, when our bones begin to lose minerals. This predisposes older men and women to fractures, even after a minor blow. After the age of 50, half of women and one-fifth of men will...


Posted by Amanda on 11/02/14 in Nutritional Advice

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Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting smaller

Today’s guest blogger is Alan Baird, the man behind the unique nutritional supplement CalBisc 100. The biscuit was a response to the chronic illness and weight-loss of a relative and combines high levels of protein, vitamins and essential minerals in an energy-dense format. CalBisc 100 is now avai...


Posted by Guest on 10/02/14 in Nutritional Advice

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